Powerful [adjective]

Definition of Powerful:

strong, effective

Opposite/Antonyms of Powerful:

Sentence/Example of Powerful:

It secures us against all future annoyance from powerful Indian tribes.

Mr. Robert Lowe, a Liberal, became one of its most powerful assailants.

It isn't true that the weak and poor are to be envied beyond the powerful.

The simplest child he would no more offend than the most powerful man.

Strange, that the mere identity of paper and ink should be so powerful.

The whole of the powerful artillery was to come into action at once.

At the head of the valley is Barwa, the home of the most powerful of these princelets.

Becket was a tall, powerful man, expert in the use of weapons.

Thus he retained a powerful weapon—to be used when desirable.

Instantly his throat was clasped by a pair of heavy and powerful hands.