Wicked [adjective]

Definition of Wicked:

corrupt, bad

Opposite/Antonyms of Wicked:

Sentence/Example of Wicked:

Such conduct is as wicked and dangerous to the state as any that can be conceived.

She could be fierce and wicked; she is ignorant and bitter about many things; I am afraid for her.

These can be acquired only by "mixing with the world," no matter how wicked the world is.

"The wicked part is that I want to go with him," she finished.

In that sweet instant, call it wicked or not, I was glad that Darmstetter was dead!

The industrious and thrifty would be at the mercy of the lazy and wicked.

Oh, I was wicked, wicked; but I was afraid of her, always—you know.

If he is wicked and she can sort of make him over, like an old dress, she revels in the process.

The "wicked uncle" then ascended the throne, or its equivalent.

He was as wicked as most of the race, fierce, violent, and voluptuous.