Shameless [adjective]

Definition of Shameless:

corrupt, indecent

Synonyms of Shameless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shameless:

Sentence/Example of Shameless:

Wretched Man, who is shameless enough to admit that he likes it.

No bribe—and he was shameless in his offers—could wring more than that from her.

She didn't want anything to do with such a shameless baggage.

But, as we are at our wits' end, suppose that we do a shameless thing?

But the shameless Armfelt sucked in a breath of understanding.

He shall have nothing more to fear for his shameless boosting.

This situation was too complicated to be entrusted to a cynical or shameless hope.

I suppose all the world knows our Rita for a shameless girl.

In what does Nyssia now differ from the most shameless hetaira, from the vilest of courtesans?

The word "Truth" has been introduced in the most shameless fashion.