Hardened [adjective]

Definition of Hardened:


Opposite/Antonyms of Hardened:

Sentence/Example of Hardened:

Even Haggard, case-hardened as he was, didn't light his cigar for full twenty minutes.

Why hast thou made us to err, O Lord, from thy ways: why hast thou hardened our heart, that we should not fear thee?

And they have not hearkened to me: nor inclined their ear: but have hardened their neck, and have done worse than their fathers.

A hardened dealer once went near a large meeting of men with a wagon load of bottles containing cold tea.

The hardened devils of Anzacs, who had taken cover betwixt the shell-proofs built of piles of stores, roared with laughter.

His natural qualities were unchanged, but experience had somewhat hardened him.

His jaw hardened, and his glance sought the white hand upon which the costly gems glittered.

Even the hardened soldiers were moved by the scene, and one of them exclaimed, "How much you are beloved!"

The separation from Fennefos, and Henrietta's death conjoined, inflicted a stunning blow, which both chilled and hardened her.

Ruth was neither impudent nor hardened; she was ignorant enough, and might offend from knowing no better.