Kind [adjective]

Definition of Kind:

generous, good

Opposite/Antonyms of Kind:

Sentence/Example of Kind:

After all, he met his husband of 30 years on a return trip to one of his homeland’s villages, the kind of place he once longed to escape.

Right away we kind of liked to work with each other, and that was always a war.

I’m kind of just like wake up, see what our team services guy … has sent us for that day and then just go for it.

He couldn’t imagine moving in and not having some kind of symbol of their relationship — maybe a ring or something else if she didn’t want to get married.

A woman who hears it thinks of a specific kind of danger, and a man who says it thinks of that danger, too.

That kind of happened a few years ago with the sex trafficking.

That proved to be a big mistake for the Chargers, who have made only one playoff appearance in the past 10 years, leaving the kind of regret that still resonates among Washington fans two decades later.

By the 1980s, AM radio had lost out to the higher-fidelity FM band as the preferred medium for music, the most popular kind of radio programming.

“It kind of felt like I was just running until the end of the year, and that January time frame hit, and that wall was in front of me,” Murcia says.

I’m hoping tomorrow’s practice will be easier, and the day after will be easier as well, so I’m just kind of taking a one-day-at-a-time approach here, but I’m remaining positive.