Cordial [adjective]

Definition of Cordial:

friendly, sociable

Opposite/Antonyms of Cordial:

Sentence/Example of Cordial:

The wine is off-dry, but balanced, with flavors of cherry cordial, marzipan and raspberries, dusted with baking spice.

Everyone prepares for a cordial and informative confirmation process.

The relations between country bank officials and the officials of this bank have been most cordial.

Tressan advanced to meet him, a smile of cordial welcome on his lips, and they bowed to each other in formal greeting.

He put out his hand in the most cordial and friendly way, and greeted me with the most winning smile in the world.

He was well entitled to the Resolution of cordial thanks which the associated companies accorded to him.

But to rulers possessed of scriptural qualifications, cordial obedience is due.

Her reception at the convent, where she was already held in such high esteem, was cordial in the extreme.

They should be written from the heart, and the cordial, warm feelings there will prompt the proper language.

The government, in order to its dignity and efficiency, proclaims itself to be worthy of cordial support.