Gracious [adjective]

Definition of Gracious:

kind, giving

Opposite/Antonyms of Gracious:

Sentence/Example of Gracious:

I feel terrible for getting him something he cannot use, but I believe he could have at least been gracious enough to call me and say "thank you."

"I am sure there is no one I shall like half so well," said Isabel, truthfully; and Flora loved her for not being gracious.

The gracious message then was, that in such a case he should be represented to the Pope, and possibly might be pardoned.

What gives to a religious assembly all its solemnity, is the gracious presence of God.

She was gracious to him for once, and gave him good morning in a manner that bordered upon the pleasant.

But although Turner has exaggerated the ruggedness of Hindhead in his picture, the place is not at all gracious or suave.

All was silent; a fresh breeze swept over the clear lake whose every ripple had the gracious curve of a smile.

Mrs. Tremayne was gracious enough to imply that she would marry whichever one of us fulfilled a certain condition.

Madam, I have come, with your gracious permission, to take leave of you; I am about to return to Clarides.

Inasmuch as gracious capacities lead to acquiescence in what God requires.