Pleasing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pleasing:

The fable is fanciful and pleasing in itself; but will it not hereafter be believed as reality?

Could any thing be pleasing to him, that you did not say or do?

This meal is not in the least unusual, but it is very dainty and pleasing.

The ceremony is gone through for the sake of pleasing a deity.

He knew that his appearance was quite as pleasing as that of his friend.

He was pleasing to her as he had always been, and when that is so women forgive much.

Some pleasing exceptions may be found to these observations.

And carrying my mother off with him, he left me to my pleasing reflections.

Grey is a colour, and can be a very powerful and pleasing colour.

He was not without hopes of pleasing—what young man of nineteen or twenty is?