Luscious [adjective]

Definition of Luscious:

delicious, delectable

Synonyms of Luscious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Luscious:

Sentence/Example of Luscious:

There being left with a thin, watery sauce when instead we’re in want of one that is thick, luscious and full of body-ody-ody.

The cook, placed upon her mettle, served a delicious repast—a luscious tenderloin broiled a point.

The red ones were huge, bursting with juice, and the trees were laden full with the luscious fruit.

With beating heart Bessie counted the hours that must pass before she could run in the orchard and eat the luscious fruit.

We gave him luscious twigs if he behaved well and sometimes delicious fruit.

At two o'clock they were all collected in heaps—big red Spitzenbergs, plump greenings, brown russets, and luscious Baldwins.

Her red lips like dew-drenched roses—luscious, pure, alluring, were parted a little in a half smile.

In these low grounds the beautiful papaw tree, whose luscious fruit was now ripe, occurs in great abundance.

Summer with its warm luscious glow, and autumn with its clear calm repose, have their own special charms.

I wanted to please him, because we were now cracking the melons and scooping out their luscious hearts.