Succulent [adjective]

Definition of Succulent:

juicy, delicious

Synonyms of Succulent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Succulent:

Sentence/Example of Succulent:

This prairie was entirely covered with a growth of succulent grass.

By the teeth of her very cats did she evolve her succulent clover.

You are such a succulent woman, and yet you have no taste for anything.

Many a spring had decked its twigs with tender, succulent green.

She provided her, at a risible charge, with succulent meals.

Our water is out, and we chew the succulent slices of the cactus.

Succulent plants are full of juice; as, the stalk of the sugar cane.

The grasses of the Yellow Stone Valley are tender and succulent.

Just now we are going down to the lake to feed the swans with the succulent bun.

Which I unearthed, I soon cut two succulent slices: they suited me nicely.