Moist [adjective]

Definition of Moist:

wet, wettish

Synonyms of Moist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moist:

Sentence/Example of Moist:

The scent of blood in the moist air had made us wild beasts all.

The sixth day of the appointed week was a moist, hot, misty day.

Not as moist as England; let alone its Institutions,' said the man.

Moist flesh if it chanced to touch iron froze to it momentarily.

Then from head to foot he was coated with a substance cool and moist.

Then he held out his moist hand to Rougon and the two others.

His beard, moist with his tears, still stank of tobacco and musk.

The priest raised his pale face, moist with the sweat of agony. '

This face seemed as if transfigured, with its moist lips and sparkling eyes.

To make a quart of flip, put the ale on the fire to warm, and beat up three or four eggs, with four ounces of moist sugar.