Clammy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Clammy:

She had come close to the trembling old man, and put one of her hands on his cold, clammy one.

Then, with a clammy shudder, young Warlow thought of the agony and speedy death that was certain to follow.

But, as the clammy leaves swept upon his face, there was a loud, vibrating report.

It started out with sticky oatmeal, and ended with clammy cakes, between which was much horror.

When first his hand, warm in life, touched the clammy flesh of a corpse, he shuddered.

Far up on the mountains the drifts piled deep, and winter mists blew in clammy wraiths across the shoulders of the hills.

Their clothes were soaken, their hair dank; their white faces, dimly discernible, were clammy and cold.

But what she saw in the cheerful June sky beyond the palisade made her body go clammy-cold with horror.

At Masulapatam there is a very extensive manufactory of a black clammy snuff, which is sent all over Hindostan.

The cold perspiration made Freckles' temples clammy and ran in little streams down his chest.