Slimy [adjective]

Definition of Slimy:

oozy, gooey

Synonyms of Slimy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slimy:


Sentence/Example of Slimy:

"Dry or slimy, you would be just the same dear old Dick," she whispered.

His descent into the street was like the descent into a slimy aquarium from which the water had been run off.

Sheet and pillow-case were slimy with oil, yet the chamois-skin bag was safe.

Now and then a snake drew away its slimy length and Dick shuddered.

Frantically he tugged and tore at the slimy rope, hauling with a will and a prayer.

He spread the towels on the table, and then took the slimy bundle from the basket.

Rocks protrude from the water––dripping and covered with a slimy seaweed.

From head to foot they dripped with black mud, thick and slimy.

Only the wet sands and the slimy water-weeds of the beach clung to them.

And the grease upon his clothes—‘all slimy with grease,’ said somebody at the inquest.