Muddy [adjective]

Definition of Muddy:

dark and cloudy

Synonyms of Muddy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muddy:

Sentence/Example of Muddy:

He washed his eye with this muddy liquid, and prayed fervently.

All the cabins of the coloured inhabitants had fallen into the muddy waters.

The Earthman rubbed sweat from his eyes with the back of a muddy hand.

None of them are muddy, or metallic, or dingy, as are too many blues and lavenders.

Light must be brought into this dark, muddy, stinking labyrinth.

The two figures, of a muddy grey in tint, stood out, lamentable.

The mist was melting into a yellowish drizzle, befouling the muddy streets.

The pockets formed by these ridges may contain some soft, muddy substance.

I lost one shoe in a muddy place, and Jenny lost her sunbonnet.

Gangs of dock-labourers swarm with muddy feet over the gangways.