Unclean [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unclean:

The false cannot inherit the true nor the unclean the lovely.

You shake your heads; then why do you stare at me as though I were a thing accursed and unclean?

But a pig is only the unclean animal—the forbidden of the prophet.

It was very ugly, but very big, and the streets in front of it were narrow and unclean.

Woe betide—but, was there ever such a gathering of unclean, unholy humanity?

She was regarded as some unclean animal that battened upon corruption.

He must stand aloof, crying "unclean" in his soul if not with his voice.

The taunt hurt him, too, like unclean words from lips beloved.

The behaviour of that unclean white madman is furious in the extreme.

That eater of swine aimed a blow at my face with his unclean fist.