Hygienic [adjective]

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Hygienic reasons had probably something to do with its general adoption, and this implies, of course, cities of considerable size.

He is also the hygienic adviser in all matters relating to study and recreation.

They have studied food from a hygienic point of view, and they watch the effect of every mouthful.

In the immediate neighborhood are hygienic baths of pure crystalline water.

The first step in this hygienic work is close observation on the part of the Forest officers.

By this simple hygienic remedy, aching backs may not only be prevented, they may be gradually cured.

And this illustrates the difference between a true or hygienic remedy for disease, and a temporary or emergency remedy.

Mental and moral influences are as real active agents in hygienic life as material ones.

Great pains are taken not to have the schools change the dietary and hygienic habits to which the girls are accustomed at home.

Along with this measure they insisted upon careful hygienic regulations, to which, in large measure, their good results were due.