Diseased [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Diseased:

If thine eye be sound the whole body is illumined; if the eye be diseased the whole body is in darkness.

So congress has excluded not only diseased, criminal, pauper and anarchist immigrants, but also contract and Chinese laborers.

The surgeons made their examination, and they discovered more diseased tissue, and a slowly spreading infection.

Dr. Legrand seemed to thoroughly understand this twisted and diseased conscience, and had a remedy to offer.

Nagkapilhuk ang mata nga masakitun, The diseased eye is gradually becoming sunken.

Murder, rape, arson, and a host of other atrocities are often the first evidence of a diseased brain.

The apparition may seem real to the diseased nervous system, though it has no absolute existence.

If from any cause the new being is seriously malformed or diseased, it is a common thing for the dam to miscarry.

It was soon discovered that a doctor was present, and immediately all who were diseased came about us.

By what impulse of morbid vanity, or diseased craving for notoriety, or strange mental delusion, were they inspired?