Unwholesome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unwholesome:

The common but indecent practice of introducing chewed victuals into their mouth, is equally disgusting and unwholesome.

The smell of this mixture is not unwholesome, and may be applied to the finest damask bed without any fear of soiling it.

Where the flour is corrupted, the use of it in every other article of food, will of course be as unwholesome as in that of bread.

As we must eat every day, there is opportunity enough for all things in turn, without attempting any unwholesome composition.

But the theory of your religion is not more unscriptural than its application is unwholesome.

He was swayed with an unwholesome hunger at the sight of her splendid womanhood.

One of them declined to eat salad because it was unwholesome.

His forehead was furrowed with lines, his pallor was unnatural and unwholesome.

There is nothing inherently uncanny or unwholesome in these phenomena.

These are poisonous and are what cause putrid and stale meat to be unwholesome.