Dangerous [adjective]

Definition of Dangerous:

hazardous, troubling

Opposite/Antonyms of Dangerous:

Sentence/Example of Dangerous:

An attempt to disrupt the federal government or something like that, because you were actively involved in some Instagram and Twitter conversations tha are considered dangerous.

Rather than the vaccine strain reverting to the dangerous form, Dhere says bigger risk is that the wild coronavirus will mutate in ways that render certain vaccines less effective.

Most teams — kickers aside — looked to be in shape despite the absence of a preseason, although some appear more dangerous than others.

The splits in the GNA come at a dangerous moment as the warring parties have built up their forces around the Haftar-held strategic city of Sirte in the center of Libya’s coastline.

They had only told me about one property that was particularly dangerous, but any story that involves a shotgun resonates well beyond its intended borders.

It’s actually an extremely dangerous molecule for oxygen-breathing life.

Sometimes people misuse the word chemical to mean a dangerous substance, often one created by humans.

Copeland thinks it would be “dangerous” to read too much into the revenue growth from Palantir’s Army contracts.

The people here retained the same paganism and barbarity, only they were not so dangerous, being conquered by the Muscovites.

The major-general kept him well informed of every movement of the enemy, and pointed out the dangerous isolation of Davout.