Careful [adjective]

Definition of Careful:

cautious; painstaking

Opposite/Antonyms of Careful:

Sentence/Example of Careful:

We must be careful about relying on prosecution and the criminal justice system for deterrence.

After I completed a careful audit, and with verification of my findings from Deputy District Attorney Robert Hickey, there were four names duplicated, for an actual total of 328.

There was only one catch—the land was directly adjacent to a cabin, and I had been warned by park rangers to be careful about trespassing.

Be careful as some CTV ad solutions will say they offer CTV inventory, but will actually mix in other video inventory that’s served on devices other than TV.

If we’re not careful, we could wind up codifying AI’s historic biases into guidelines that warp the technology for generations to come.

She will repeat almost anything that I say, so I have to be careful.

So they’re being very careful and disciplined in responding.

The company, which confirmed the news, said it conducted careful research and testing to find the right materials to filter the air properly while not disrupting the supply of medical personal protective equipment.

“You’ve just got to be super careful about everything you do because people are just looking to throw stones at every female CEO out there,” says Lee, who is the founder of venture capital firm Cowboy Ventures.

Only rarely, with careful attention, is the bullet’s origin actually seen.