Inexact [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inexact:

Castillo or Swihart do not fit neatly into that inexact formula.

Danish officials crunching similar data slightly differently estimate that it is 36 percent more contagious in their country, although they say their numbers are still so small that the estimates may be inexact.

It’s a complicated, inexact process that could be untangled by a few extra doses of transparency.

Studying a new virus in real time is frustratingly inexact, especially when our country has missed crucial opportunities to test and trace thoroughly.

This again is inexact, since there are no precise figures of population that cover the period.

Now the intensity of a sound indicates its extent only by accident, and therefore in an inexact manner.

All conclusions which we derive from visual acuteness become very inexact as soon as it is lowered.

This is only another instance of the singularly inexact and haphazard ways of the Admiralty in those days.

The conditions which the subtlety of Ming-shu imposed ceased to bind, for their corollary was inexact.

Taken in its literal sense, this word is inexact, since those to whom it was applied were inspired by a very high ideal.