Ambiguous [adjective]

Definition of Ambiguous:

having more than one meaning

Synonyms of Ambiguous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambiguous:

Sentence/Example of Ambiguous:

Those metrics provide a very clear way to benchmark performance—something that doesn’t exist for many real-world problems, where the most effective move may be far more ambiguous and the entire concept of “winning” may not apply.

The question was ambiguous as stated, so I gave credit for both answers.

Such questions routinely prompt ambiguous and gendered responses.

Finally, as some readers observed, the original puzzle was slightly ambiguous as written.

In those ambiguous cases, mathematicians have additional tools at their disposal.

Some few of them however (perhaps from my want of Judgment) seem so ambiguous, as to want a little Explanation.

In some cases proper evidence may be used to identify things where the description in the will is ambiguous.

It was a claiming touch, and there was something in the unfolded sweetness of her face that was not ambiguous.

I am not without resources; but his civil ambiguous silence, by feeding my hopes, has encreased my difficulties.

To think of a chap writing such a veiled, ambiguous, absolutely botched sentence, and cooking up such a mess!