Known [adjective]

Definition of Known:

famous, popular

Synonyms of Known:

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Sentence/Example of Known:

Twenty percent of all known plants and lichens in the entire state of Illinois can be found in this small pocket of the Shawnee.

As with any online purchase, buy from reputable sources and widely known sites.

Fokidis said people in areas with known cases of salmonellosis should take down their feeders, especially if they have seen sick or dead birds, until the outbreak has cleared up.

Once it was established the dogs knew the names of all their toys, the researchers introduced two new objects, placing each in turn in a group of known toys.

In the meantime, researchers are grappling with understanding the threat the known mutations pose.

“I think we’ve left ourselves here with structural issues because we’ve had these known large-ticket mandates coming at us, and the policy decision has not been to put funding toward those but rather to the new programs,” Vespi said.

Unlike any other known type of brain cell at the time, these “mirror neurons” seemed to encode for another being’s actions and goals, rather than those of its own host.

It matches what the team had expected, based on the speed of light and the known diameter of a hydrogen molecule.

One possibility that the study authors points out is that the known immune system changes associated with schizophrenia could impact disease susceptibility.

The experiment, described in a preprint in June of 2020, merely verified known quantum effects and did not reveal anything new about vacuum decay.