Certified [verb]

Definition of Certified:

declare as true

Synonyms of Certified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Certified:

Sentence/Example of Certified:

I replied with a certified copy of the original which Henriette had already placed in the president's hands.

He went to the meeting of his partners with a certified check for the amount of their claims in his pocket.

Then they scare him into signing co-partnership papers, and make him turn over those certified checks to them.

He first of all went to see Penloe to get a certified statement, but that gentleman could not be found anywhere.

These were accepted as equivalent to the special terms given France, and Canada was certified as being entitled to minimum rates.

"The Apothecaries' Hall" prescribed certain courses of instruction to be pursued and certified before the degree could be granted.

I certified that she was insane upon the subject of religion.

That was the rule of the Convention; and therefore he certified it as the Convention had instructed.

He might kill the man; and then also the world, with whom suspicion only might exist at present, would be certified of the fact.

Chiseled into one of the overhead beams ran the legend—“Certified to accommodate four seamen.”