Endorse [verb]

Definition of Endorse:

support, authorize

Opposite/Antonyms of Endorse:

Sentence/Example of Endorse:

He knew not what she had written to Tony; but whatever it was, his own note would appear to endorse it.

Hofer will endorse a check for me; I have sold three farms in the past week and have a pot of money in the bank.

Under this name he hoodwinked the cunning Cerizet, inducing that "man of business" to endorse some notes for him.

"He's not dead," Seth said, as Barrington bent over him; and as if to endorse his words, the man moved slightly and groaned.

Seldom has even a French or German drug house found so distinguished a company of medical authorities to endorse its wares.

To facilitate detection every voter was required to endorse his name in full on his ballot.

I endorse almost all that he has said in these and the following sentences.

I want to endorse what Mr Pinchot said this morning in behalf of the work which the women have done for Conservation.

Henceforth its sole effective function was to endorse and promulgate the decrees of the government of Vienna.

The whole story is told to this end, and the ladies themselves endorse this view.