Recommend [verb]

Definition of Recommend:

advise, approve

Opposite/Antonyms of Recommend:

Sentence/Example of Recommend:

Having a partiality for Robert, this was not likely to recommend his enemy in her eyes.

I recommend to you one of the soberest, yet politest, men in England—'

Recommend him a day or two in the country, for the good of his health and our happiness.

He thought of his past life; there was not one thing to recommend him to God.

I recommend to you, my dear lady, to give yourself no uneasiness.

This opinion had nothing to recommend it but the general consent of mankind.

I got my travelling companion to recommend a boarding-house, which he did.

I have only to recommend Josiah Nisbet to you and my country.

I think my daughter could recommend one to your lordship, if she dared.

"I shall be greatly obliged if you can recommend me a good hotel," she said.