Censure [noun]

Definition of Censure:

severe criticism

Synonyms of Censure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Censure:

Sentence/Example of Censure:

Parler has been operating without censure from the app stores for months, and got a boost in popularity around the November election.

To get a maximum number of law deans to sign on, the language was made broad and intentionally did not name anybody or call for any kind of censure, they said.

Few politicians are willing to test the limits and risk their career ending in impeachment, censure, or even arrest.

Expulsion or at least censure and loss of committee seats is necessary to underscore the depth of their offense.

During the tight lockdowns in some parts of Europe, dog owners have been especially privileged — giving them a pass to leave their homes without fear of governmental censure.

His henchmen had been around him, observed what pleased him, and knew what they could do without fear of censure and with the assurance of winking approval.

As such it is now presented to the public for whatever meed of praise or censure it is found to deserve.

I issued a censure, and ordered that no one should agree to their conclusions, and that the Dominicans should not hold them.

I cannot too severely censure the habit of using sentences which admit of a double meaning.

It may, perhaps, be one of the unfortunate works which have already fallen under his censure.