Stricture [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stricture:

This is least objectionable in cases of stricture close to the meatus.

"I will have some supper," Rose said, with dignity, ignoring the stricture.

I do not anticipate this stricture, but rather another—that I have proved too much by it.

It has been done effectively where the vas had no stricture.

The stricture passed will, in fact, be indirect and limited.

"Sport" such as Briggs's escapes the most "humanitarian" stricture.

Cephalis ovate, with a straight sword-shaped horn of the same length and very small pores, some larger ones above the stricture.

From the first stricture there arise six radial ribs, which at the fourth are prominent as six short, conical, divergent spines.

Unfortunately, as in all cases of stricture, there is a tendency for it to recur.

She laughed merrily at him because his face showed that he did not appreciate that stricture.