Compliment [noun]

Definition of Compliment:

praise, flattery

Opposite/Antonyms of Compliment:

Sentence/Example of Compliment:

“To say that you would have more sense than the police, would be a poor compliment,” said the old lady.

The court paid him the high compliment of refusing his suit, declaring that he had himself inflicted sufficient punishment.

It was a pretty compliment, and sincere I knew, for no one could meet him without recognising his frank outspoken nature.

Marius frowned darkly, but before he could speak, Tressan was insinuating a compliment to the Marquise.

"And I can return the compliment," was my reply, as we all gathered round a brew of tea to exchange news and compare notes.

This from opposing counsel was a compliment indeed, and I was much complimented upon it.

Half an inch taller than Kerry, she fully merited the compliment designed by that trite apothegm, "a fine woman."

Roast beef was presented, in compliment to the English, very little roasted.

Letters of Compliment must be restricted, confined entirely to one subject.

Letters of Enquiry, especially if they request a favor, should contain a few lines of compliment.