Congratulations [noun]

Definition of Congratulations:

complimentation on achievement, luck

Synonyms of Congratulations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Congratulations:

Sentence/Example of Congratulations:

Rimsky and I send you our homage and heartiest congratulations upon the completion of such a fine piece of workmanship.

I give you my congratulations, my dear fellow; she is a charming mistress, and it isn't everybody who has the chance.

Congratulations: visits from my neighbors; all the éclat we could wish or a true lover hate.

At home the Richardses had to endure congratulations and compliments until midnight.

Here were extended the formal congratulations, and the name of one more citizen was added to the official list.

Very many congratulations on your being mentioned in despatches, which we are so delighted to see.

Even Napoleon expressed his admiration and delight, and received the warm congratulations of his now enthusiastic generals.

Jack told his story, and in turn listened to his companions' adventures, and there were mutual congratulations upon their escape.

"I receive universal congratulations, and have to smile" in a ghastly manner.

Congratulations were exchanged on the success that had attended their efforts.