Comp [adjective]

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The demonstrative adverb thus implies a relative adverb: comp.

In this participle the termination -ing seems almost equivalent to that of the past participle: comp.

Th' brokerage house iv Conem an' Comp'ny wint into th' hands iv a receiver to-day.

Sivral times I wint to th' dinin'-room intindin' to jine th' jovyal comp'ny there but quit at th' dure.

There is no hearth as ample in anny man's home as th' hearth th' Steel Comp'ny does its cookin' by.

The Cape Verd Islands, which lie outside these straits, may be here referred to: comp.

W'en a man feels himself slightly 'tossicated, 's nozzin' like bein' in comp'ny of f'law 'at knows where 's goin'.

But I see right here ef I is comp'ny done come to spen' de day, I'd bes' put on a ap'on and git ter wuck.

Ould Silver wud never pay actor-man or woman their just dues, an' by consequince his comp'nies was collapsible at the last minut.

If you manage your men as you manage your love makin', small wondher they call you the worst corp'ril in the comp'ny.