Critical [adjective]

Definition of Critical:

fault-finding, detracting

Opposite/Antonyms of Critical:

Sentence/Example of Critical:

Now, “I’m more cautious and more critical of what someone’s saying in their bio,” Ogalo says, adding that any comments making light of the coronavirus are automatic left-swipes.

Federal prosecutors and the FBI have accused self-identified Proud Boys of leading some of the earliest, most destructive and critical efforts to overrun police lines and break into the Capitol building.

Collaboration with the Schneider Electric site analytics team was critical for measurement as well, with bounce rate and site engagement becoming key user experience measurement metrics.

Working as an ESPN broadcaster after 10 years coaching Kansas City, Schottenheimer had been highly critical of Snyder’s early moves as owner.

The right equipment for the type of job you’re doing is critical for safety.

Jude Children’s Research Hospital was able to digitize its contract signature process in just 10 days during this critical time.

Having a chemical fuel is going to be critical part of decarbonizing everything.

Typically, Lifeline subscribers receive free service, sparing those deep in poverty from having to take on steep costs just to access tools that are critical for their financial and physical well-being.

He said he looked forward to spending the next few weeks learning about the staff’s critical work.

However, getting a good fit is critical when you double mask, as adding multiple layers could create gaps between the masks.