Biting [adjective]

Definition of Biting:

piercing, sharp

Synonyms of Biting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Biting:








Sentence/Example of Biting:

The Cheezburger Cat and Success Kid memes of a younger internet has matured into waves of jokes that betray a more biting, more cynical online community.

This foliage biting gets more common when there’s a pollen shortage, says Consuelo De Moraes.

"All right," said Dan, biting off a big chew from the plug he was holding, and restoring the rest to his pocket.

With her little satin shoe she tapped the carpet, biting her under lip and seeming to be listening.

The day had been intensely cold, with a biting north-east wind and black frost.

The keen wind found me out and seemed to take joy in rushing in on me in biting gusts and then whirling away over the flat.

"I have time before dark to make Benny's cart," observed Henry, biting a crisp, sweet carrot.

When they entered Pietro became voluble, but the narrow-eyed doctor of Pimlico remained sullen and silent, biting his lips.

The thick triple lenses were free from clouding, and the glasses between them kept out the biting cold of the heights.

Before the fish stopped biting, the two men had caught four trout, all of about the same size.