Raw [adjective]

Definition of Raw:

not cooked, prepared

Synonyms of Raw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raw:

Sentence/Example of Raw:

If milk of this kind must be used, some raw food should be given with it.

Closer to her than the hospital was life in the raw that night.

It was December then, gray and raw, with a wet snow that changed to rain as it fell.

Most of these are raw boys, who know all that can be learned of war on a cricket field.

I should have judged that you were a raw recruit in the camp of the enemy.

But everything is raw, for the Iroquois are thorough savages.

The raw material out of which theology created the future state.

There we shall build sheds for the storage of the raw material.

As he gazes on the rushing flood he thinks of the waste of raw material.

He cared nothing for raw fish, but he knew their possibilities.