Unripe [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unripe:

East Indian is more highly charged with unripe cotton than American.

They must be of the sour kind but, as said, they must not be unripe.

Green apples and other unripe fruits are not yet ready to be eaten.

You can tell this by the difference in the taste of ripe and unripe apples.

What is the use of feeding people with unripe or half-baked stuff?

Either it was unripe or else had begun to rot in the centre.

In this condition it is called "green," unripe or not cured.

What scholar is not a sufferer from this form of unripe virtue?

The young Quaker looked as if he had been offered an unripe persimmon.

The unripe carpels are sometimes pickled, and used as a substitute for capers.