Experienced [adjective]

Definition of Experienced:

knowledgeable, knowing

Opposite/Antonyms of Experienced:

Sentence/Example of Experienced:

The voices of some experienced business leaders and of economists, like Glenn Hubbard of Columbia Business School, still stand by Friedman but offer the caveat that his theory only really works if shareholders are patient and long-term oriented.

They have embraced online retail like never before, while experienced e-commerce and D2C brands have experimented, explored new space and more fully leveraged the potential of the internet.

Working with experienced international teams has made the complex process of shipping equipment and vaccines manageable, but it’s been especially taxing due to travel and flight restrictions in the UK and elsewhere.

Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at WPCodingDev and a passionate blogger.

One is supposed to be an attorney with “substantial experience” in police oversight and another is related to someone who’s personally experienced or is related to someone who’s experienced excessive force.

In practice, this highly experienced “driver” will be a package of both hardware and software that could be installed in cars and trucks.

After all, it’s more costly to work with cheap amateurs than it is to hire experienced professionals.

The “will I get penalized” section suggests PBNs could be used by experienced SEOs but the conclusion doesn’t really support this.

Whether you’re an experienced online seller or just transitioning to ecommerce as a result of physical distancing, your customers may be entirely different from who they were even three months ago.

The experienced readers amongst us will now start to get the feeling that they are encountering familiar territory.