Unsophisticated [adjective]

Definition of Unsophisticated:

natural, simple

Synonyms of Unsophisticated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsophisticated:

Sentence/Example of Unsophisticated:

He is so very young and reverent and tender, and in a way so unsophisticated.

Here was a situation for an unsophisticated youth like myself.

So I tempted my fancy with air-castles like the most unsophisticated lover.

Mond is a good chap, very jovial, boyish and unsophisticated.

His prattle was the prattle of an unsophisticated maiden lady.

It presents every figure in a clear and unsophisticated way.

The Unsophisticated Father (who has been roaring with laughter).

Unsophisticated as he was, “Cobbler” Horn felt that the proposal was exorbitant.

It is not so unsophisticated as the title had somehow led me to expect.

My dear, honest, conscientious, unsophisticated little Moses!