Homey [adjective]

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Not only can adjustable full motion mounts reduce neck and eye straining, they are also designed to conserve space and conceal unattractive chords and wires, making your bedroom, office, or family room more livable and homey.

Choosing homey yet professional interiorsAfter a year working in our bedrooms and dining rooms, offices in 2021 need to be homey and comfortable.

Baked beans are a homey dish, so try them with lentils and “bake” them in your Instant Pot.

New York’s Otesaga Resort Hotel is getting especially comfy to appeal to regional travelers who crave homey accommodations.

Among the homey motifs are pets, TV shows, cocktails and Baltimore places and pals.

Bread pudding is an easy, comforting and homey dessert that makes great use of stale, leftover bread.

Not as an exponent of entertainment, but as part of the group having a pleasant, homey evening.

It would be good to have a windmill within ear-shot of the house, he mused; its squeaking would ease Martha with a homey sound.

Maggie was in a reminiscent mood, being wrought upon unwittingly by the sunny quiet and homey kitchen warmth.

Through the black masses of trees that lined the shore could be seen the glow of windows, yellow and homey.