Easy [adjective]

Definition of Easy:

not difficult

Opposite/Antonyms of Easy:

Sentence/Example of Easy:

According to Mnuchin, a standalone PPP bill would be the “easiest” way to resume helping businesses.

Also, the side handles and lid make carrying it much easier.

Second, clinicians and patients should have easy access to that information, including amounts and potential adverse effects.

It has fewer options than Zoom, which makes it easier for kids to operate, but it’s even easier to use with these handy shortcuts.

Once home values begin a one-way plummet, it’s easy for economists to see how entire communities spin out of control.

What it means for an entrepreneur with a promising idea is that—in some ways—it is easier to find “professional” money to fund your business than at any other time in recent history.

Additionally, Snapchat needs to fill this gap if they want to scale Minis — make them easier to create.

It is relatively easy for founder-owned companies or companies with a relatively low number of stockholders to adopt PBC forms if their owners are so inclined.

In other words, it was easier for people to change their behaviors when the environment changed.

Ultimately, it was more the Fed’s talk than the Fed’s actions that made it easier for companies like TransDigm to borrow.