Undemanding [adjective]

Definition of Undemanding:


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Sentence/Example of Undemanding:

He must make her happy, this modest, undemanding girl whom he had made woman and a wife.

As Goody Hawks tiptoed from the room, he felt again on his chest the undemanding weightless warmth.

Here in the undemanding night Ben found it possible to command the earth to be not vast but small.

Ben in the undemanding hours of the days that followed could yet inquire: Where is the way where light dwelleth?

And I looked out upon the perfect beauty of the world around me, and I saw how little excited it was, how placid, how undemanding.

I used to follow him about silently, like an undemanding little dog, content to follow at his heels.

A woman used to come in to him sometimes—a strange, undemanding woman who seemed to come from nowhere and to lead to nowhere.