Lax [adjective]

Definition of Lax:

slack, remiss

Opposite/Antonyms of Lax:

Sentence/Example of Lax:

Critics say FERC’s standards to determine the merit of permits for export pipelines are especially lax, incorporating such easily met benchmarks as whether projects will generate taxes and jobs.

Reported data breaches are rare, but some scribe companies have lax security, said Cliff Baker, CEO of the health care cybersecurity firm Corl Technologies.

Hahn emphasized the role of science in the development process as the agency has come under scrutiny for potentially lax standards for a vaccine.

It’s just the latest in a series of actions by the coalition that has targeted Facebook over its lax policing of its service.

Wyoming has particularly lax business transparency laws, and Platinum Advertising appears to be a shell corporation.

Instead, it’s been plagued by cost overruns, lax supervision and a lack of properly trained staff, according to an internal memo obtained by NBC 7.

The country had never altogether recovered from the reaction of lax indifference into which it had fallen after the Restoration.

There is a general idea that the medical training is lax, and the doctors, as a rule, are not highly considered.

Of all classes it may be said that their manners are, on the whole, good, and their morals generally lax.

Such a division of authority makes lax expenditure and bad management.