Yielding [adjective]

Definition of Yielding:


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Sentence/Example of Yielding:

One of the most delightful things about temptation is yielding now and then.

But day followed day, and still they waited in vain for any sign of yielding.

All at once an impulse of yielding which was really freedom came to her.

Locke, yielding to the prejudices of the time, took the same ground.

Peppajee eyed him comprehendingly, but there was no yielding in his brown, wrinkled face.

Far and wide lay a ruined country, yielding nothing but desolation.

I am afraid of breaking off everything, or of yielding everything.

The substance of the wall seemed as permeable and yielding as light.

His ax swung up and down, bit into something soft and yielding.

Anger gave way to despair, decision to weakness and yielding.