Pliant [adjective]

Definition of Pliant:

yielding under influence

Synonyms of Pliant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pliant:

Sentence/Example of Pliant:

So slight, yet so round, so trim, yet so pliant—she was grace itself.

The pileus is thin, pliant when fresh but somewhat brittle when dry.

Unhappily I am not a Greek woman, pliant to the whims of artists and voluptuaries.

Bend to the earth our pliant knees, And speak—but as our masters please?

The atmosphere that surrounds us is so often treacherous to our pliant natures!

Not merely tall, but pliant, elastic, and graceful in no ordinary degree.

Who flies me with pliant oars, flies overbounding the sea-depths?

And the people were pliant and willing under their restraints.

He drew her close to him, with an arm about her pliant waist.

The Eastern people are, to a certain extent, pliant and easily led.