Inflexible [adjective]

Definition of Inflexible:


Opposite/Antonyms of Inflexible:

Sentence/Example of Inflexible:

In a subsequent post, she lathered shampoo on her inflexible strands.

Unfortunately, San Diego’s set of stone and steel stormwater infrastructure is a woman set in her ways, inflexible to change by her very nature.

Even the stern, inflexible commander turned to hide an emotion he would have blushed to betray.

In her voice there was an inflexible sound, that seemed to tell him very clearly it meant what it was saying.

Animated, however, by the spirit of freedom, they endured their privations with inflexible fortitude.

How little he knew Eugenius, the on altogether inflexible will in all that time, so full of trouble for the Church!

The effect was gone, and there remained but the fixed, grave, inflexible features of the republican soldier.

Yet mingling with the gloom there was something inflexible that gave it almost a repellent character.

Flemish blood begins to move in the Greek statues, Flemish passion to break through their inflexible rhythm.

In his way, every flockmaster was a hero, inflexible against the unreckoned forces which rose continually to discourage him.