Unchangeable [adjective]

Definition of Unchangeable:

constant, steadfast

Synonyms of Unchangeable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unchangeable:

Sentence/Example of Unchangeable:

Bravely defy all that is most venerable, and all that is most unchangeable.

The law of God is unchangeable: as on earth, so in our traffic with heaven, we only get as we give.

Some are warm, but volatile and inconstant; he was warm too, but steady and unchangeable.

But the highest truth is that which is eternal and unchangeable.

He is the manly one (arren), or the unchangeable one (arratos).

Even otherwise it could not have changed the unchangeable course of events.

The universal and unchangeable principles of duty are the same here as elsewhere.

The one is short and passing; the other is unchangeable, and shall stand for ever.

To pretend that that command was fixed and unchangeable, and yet to alter it to please the fancy of man, is in itself ridiculous.

Behind that front, there is ice—frozen, immovable, unchangeable.