Changeless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Changeless:

How blessed then to confide in the infinite and changeless love of such a Father—our Father in heaven!

Mars looked as remote and changeless as it must have looked in the Stone Age.

In the changeless Point everything is present: Space is but the field for diverse sequences.

See the rivers, how they run,Changeless toward the changeless sea;All around is forethought sure,Fixed will and stern decree.

How can it be changeless and inflexible when the surest virtue leading to success is actually elasticity?'

But do they not mind the deep changeless silence in those distant solitary places?

For the adventures of my wandering fell from me like a garment, leaving the one changeless passion.

Through ages upon ages, and the changeless strata of darkness I climbed—'

I thought of my Cloud-Mother walking enclosed from the world upon a height of changeless youth.

Above these again, changeless since the world's beginning, but changing to every mood of sun and cloud, lay out the eternal snow.