Unchanging [adjective]

Definition of Unchanging:

constant, permanent

Synonyms of Unchanging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unchanging:

Sentence/Example of Unchanging:

He was very pale: but that unchanging pallor was the only sign of the malady from which he suffered.

His influence upon the world was an unchanging one for evil.

Or that which is changing be the copy of that which is unchanging?

Their career from this moment was one of unchanging success.

There were things in him now that could never be a part of the unchanging old shop.

He did not play cards, or drink wine: he was ever sober and of unchanging mood.

Yet there is one unchanging law of God's dealing with men underlying them all.

The world was unchanging, there was no strife, and no need of strife.

There was no one left there, unchanged and unchanging, to welcome him.

Nothing is so foolish as to imagine that it was uniform and unchanging.