Changeable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Changeable:

If the antibodies could bind to the stable protein “stem” instead of its changeable “head,” they could protect against any flu strain, and people wouldn’t need to get new shots year after year.

While it is true that on occasion an inspector will find an issue or two that might be of real concern not only for the buyer but for the seller, on most occasions home inspectors find issues that are fixable, livable, or changeable.

A court is like certain changeable colours; which vary according to the different lights they are exposed in.

The thought of these things is adventitious, changeable, and does not apply to permanent objects.

His temper is violent and changeable, but he has excellent manners and is full of tact.

Virtue in us is grafted upon nature and the woman; the one is changeable, the other is weak.

For the changeableness of changeable things, is itself capable of all those forms, into which these changeable things are changed.

We found the flock of turkeys, and Miss Laura admired their changeable colors very much.

A changeable temperament was shown by that mouth—quick transitions from affection to aversion, from a pout to a smile.

Then—for she was as quick and changeable as himself—she turned, and touched his arm with her thickly-gloved hand.