Varying [adjective]

Definition of Varying:


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Sentence/Example of Varying:

She was back again in an instant, however, in another of her varying moods.

There are all the varying fortunes of butter-making recorded.

Her yard is a varying pageant of plants in all stages of misfortune.

Thousands upon thousands do it, according to their varying manner, every day.

She cut four of varying lengths and dropped them into an empty cracker-box.

He followed with a fusillade of questions in strange and varying tongues.

There are two or three strains of this, varying a little as to habit.

At every moment of the day it delighted them afresh, its expression ever varying.

The cups are small, varying much in color and the sporidia are ellipsoidal.

What a searching preacher of self-command is the varying phenomenon of Health!