Differing [verb]

Definition of Differing:

be dissimilar, distinct

Opposite/Antonyms of Differing:

Sentence/Example of Differing:

Another way the molecules’ stability differs lies in their architecture.

Guidelines also differ on which students should be screened for heart damage.

Particles with the same energy, momentum and spin behave identically under the 10 Poincaré transformations, but they can differ in other ways.

The model still likes City and Liverpool, but the model can’t account for injuries and outbreaks, two things City and Liverpool have been unlucky with to differing degrees.

The way a website design team functions will differ from the PR team, or social media team, like in this example.

These addressable TV ads differ from the national ads that TV networks carry that are shown to everyone tuning in across the country.

More than a day and a half after the polls closed, news organizations still differed on their projections on who would win Arizona’s 11 electoral college votes.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to note that “100% reporting” doesn’t necessarily mean all votes have been counted, and states differ in how they report ballots.

While the State Board of Education has little authority, voters were offered differing educational philosophies in the voices the board members would bring to the public debate.

When the researchers examined the size and shapes of the bones and the tooth enamel—which carries proteins that differ by sex—they realized that this hunter was a woman.